Welcome to the San Gabriel River Discovery Center!

The San Gabriel River Discovery Center is being developed to provide a hands-on, indoor and outdoor learning experience where more than 100,000 local students, families, and nature enthusiasts per year will learn the story of the San Gabriel River Watershed. The Discovery Center will emphasize the importance of understanding and protecting our water resources. Through its innovative and sustainable design, the Discovery Center will allow visitors to participate in all of the beauty, natural history, and local culture the San Gabriel River Watershed has to offer.

The San Gabriel River Discovery is being developed in two phases:

The first phase, which is accessible through this website today, emphasizes environmental stewardship utilizing coursework that has been developed by participating agencies and through online games.

The second phase is the development of the physical learning environment, including indoor and outdoor classrooms that will engage schoolchildren in basic environmental studies, to college students interested in careers based in green technology, while serving local families as a resource in their own backyard. The state-of-the-art center will celebrate the environment, promote a culture of environmental stewardship, and engage future generations by showcasing the importance of ecosystems and the history of the watershed. The Discovery Center is currently finishing its design and preliminary engineering, while developing the fundraising and financing that will ultimately lead to the project’s completion.