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Our Mission

  • About The Center

    The San Gabriel River Discovery Center project at Whittier Narrows creates an accessible community space where residents—youth and adults alike– are welcome to gather, learn about and discuss our changing environment, the natural world and water issues.
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  • Think Water

    The innovative enviro-education is a free San Gabriel River Discovery Center Project program for K-5 students in areas in the San Gabriel Valley served by the Central Basin Municipal Water District. Think Water brings young people close to the environment, gets them thinking about conservation and offers thoughtful approaches about the best ways to use and protect water in our fragile Southern California eco-system.
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  • Watershed Education Program

    One of the main goals of the Authority is to increase public knowledge of water-related environmental issues, including water conservation and natural habitat preservation and restoration. It is also to increase public awareness of the rich and vibrant history of the San Gabriel River and the important role it has played in the social and economic development of communities along its water course. The Discovery Center has been envisioned as a place where there are multiple ways to educate and inform students, families and the community about the San Gabriel River Watershed. While development of the project is a key element, getting students, visitors and the community actively engaged in learning about the watershed is critical to the Authority’s mission.

  • Sewer Science

    We all like to discuss the environment and water use—but who wants to discuss sewerage? Nobody really. But Southern California urban water management systems depend on how we handle wastewater. The San Gabriel River Discovery Center partners with the Central Basin Municipal Water District to create Sewer Science–a week-long wastewater lab program (that starts in the spring) free to schools within the District’s service area–24 cities within southeast Los Angeles County as well as unincorporated County. Find out more

Why the Discovery Center?

The Discovery Center Authority has led 6500 students from the surrounding area on 135 environmental expeditions at Whittier Narrows to provide science and environmental education.

The Discovery Center Authority has worked with 45 school districts to involve students from 77 schools.

The Discovery Center Authority has trained and utilized an average of 12 scientific inquiry coaches per expedition to work closely with students.

The Discovery Center Authority has organized 72 traveling expeditions in schools and parks throughout Los Angeles County that involved 4300 students in learning from hands-on science, water education and environmental displays—all guided by EcoVoices inquiry coaches.

Board Meetings

The latest Board Meeting for the San Gabriel River Discovery Center Authority was held on January 25th, 2018. The next meeting will be held on March 22nd at 9:30am at Upper SGVMWD.

Board agenda and details are available at:

Watershed Education Participants

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